Meet your Colorado State Legislators and learn about issues affecting your community and topics that are interesting and relevant to youth.

Explore & Examine

Learn the fundamentals of public policy and state government. Hear from elected officials and experts in their field to learn all perspectives on a policy or project.


Work within small groups to delve into policy subjects. Share your thoughts and hear what others in the council think.

Recommend & Advise

Present your ideas and recommendations to the state legislature and legislative committees.

"Not many high school students get the chance to coauthor a magazine article with a state legislator. Fewer still have opportunities to befriend other students from the far corners of the state. Most rare of all is the ability for a teenager to weigh in on legislation that will directly impact her. COYAC provided me not just with this trifecta, but a bevy of other wonderful experiences and lessons that continue to shape who I am and how I think about my place in the world."

− Angie N., Former COYAC member

"“There’s no better way to acquaint youth with the importance of finding their voice in representative democracy than to give them that opportunity firsthand. Forming a legislative youth council is one way to provide that opportunity and it will also help legislators make better decisions on policies affecting our youth."

− Ellen Roberts, Senator for Colorado State Senate District 6

"I have so much fun with this council!"

− John Smith